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Bid-Winners.ca Helps You Find and Win Bids - RFPs - Tenders

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Bid-WinnersTM ensures your proposal is professionally written, has impact on decision makers, and elevates you above other bidders.

RFPs and tenders can be intimidating. We simplify the process by working with clients to ensure their bid response meets mandatory requirements while generating a compelling value proposition.

Government and Corporate Bids - Our Specialty!

Our unique bidder-interview process highlights the best ways to differentiate and position your offering. This ensures buyers have a clear and complete understanding how your offering is superior to those from other bidders.

Our team of bid-experts have years of experience in completing winning bids. We manage all types and sizes of bids ranging from traditional goods and services to highly-complex and technical bids.

Free Tips from Bid-Winners.ca:

  1. Remember its all about the buyer - What's In It For Me (WIIFM)
  2. Variations on a theme:
    1. The RFI, the RFQ, and the RFP.  They require different responses
  3. Roles and responsibilities in responding to RFPs:
    1. The role of the Project Leader
    2. The role of the Editor
    3. The role of the Review Critic
    4. The role of the Executive Member
    5. Everyone is on standby to help the team...the goal is to win!
  4. Format, function, and presentation:
    1. First know the rules, then follow the rules, and finally bend the rules
      1. Understand the Compliance Matrix
      2. Always be in compliance
      3. Provide options and promotional information in spite of the bid rules
    2. Understand the RFP scoring system and focus on using it to your advantage
    3. Presentation format(s), some are much better than others
    4. The power of the Executive Summary
  5. How to create value-added benefits focused on the customer
    1. What's in it for me? Write your RFP from the customers perspective
    2. Respond to the customers stated needs, then address their true hidden desires
    3. Turn nice-to-haves into must-haves, then into available only from us
  6. Bid tactics and competitive warfare:
    1. The list of bidders: understand who you are up against
    2. Submitting questions:
      1. The timing of questions can be as important as what you ask
      2. Be careful, questions often reveal your strategy
      3. Using strategic questions to throw competitors off track
    3. Laying traps to eliminate competitors
    4. Overcoming objections before they become objections
  7. Winning attitudes win RFPs
    1. The power of writing from the perspective of already being the winner
    2. Winners never hold back, especially on resources to complete a Bid
    3. Passion wins bids, let your knowledge and passion come through clearly in your Bid

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Introducing "Bid-Winners.ca"

"Bid-Winners.ca helped us win a $3.5 million government bid. Coaching us on bid-strategy they wrote our bid response then designed and co-presented our winning boardroom presentation. Their expertise really paid off"

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