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Business Energizers - On Demand Services from Biznovations

Biznovations is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and tactical execution. We focus on sales performance, marketing effectiveness, and business planning.

Biznovations helps small and medium sized companies increase revenues and grow market share.Biznovations

Operating in a coaching / advisory role, or as on-site management, our business development consultants support all aspects of analysis, planning, and execution.

Our services include: market and opportunity analysis, strategic and tactical planning, marketing and communications, lead generation, sales recruiting and training, proposal writing and presentations, along with direct coaching and management of the sales team.

Review our sample engagements and testimonials and you will learn how our services will energize your business. Whether you are challenged with turning around a struggling sales force, or moving fast to capitalize on new growth opportunities, our team of professionals will help you reach your goals.

Like having your own VP of Business Development - On Demand!

Bringing you business innovation with sustainable results. The Business Energizers!

Call today to book your no-obligation business assessment.

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Introducing "Bid-Winners.ca"

"Bid-Winners.ca helped us win a $3.5 million government bid. Coaching us on bid-strategy they wrote our bid response then designed and co-presented our winning boardroom presentation. Their expertise really paid off"

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"Biznovations" - On-Demand Biz-Dev Consulting

Biznovations Introduces "Bid-Winners.ca"